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Happy New Year

  /   Monday January 08, 2007  

I thought of a lot to blog about in the last few weeks, but I never could get around to it. I did make one podcast on New Year’s Day. My goal is to have about two podcasts per month this year. I already have an idea for the next one.

I just got a Sirius radio about a week ago. I really like it, but I can only get reception at home at certain times of the day. I caught part of Kresta in the Afternoon on EWTN radio, and one of the links on their website was to
this article on the Galileo affair.

One thing I hope to have for my web page is a link archive to articles that I’ve found helpful and a listing of recommended books and possibly other media. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but have never gotten around to it. I know of at least one friend who expressed interest.

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