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  /   Sunday February 11, 2007  

The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute has requested signatures on this petition asking the United States Senate not to ratify the CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) treaty. Please sign this as soon as possible. Simply put, this treaty has been used to advance a pro-abortion agenda.

You can read the petition at the site, but one part I found especially disturbing was this one:

The CEDAW Committee went so far as to criticize the country of Belarus for establishing Mother’s Day, what the Committee referred to as a “negative cultural stereotype.”

Did it ever occur to people that, without this “negative cultural stereotype,” they wouldn’t exist? Well, anyway, I’m wondering if this is one of the petitions that was present at an Amnesty International table during either my freshman or sophomore year in college. I remembered that I asked if this could be used to establish a “right” to abortion, and I was told that it was quite likely. Well, at least the guy was honest. I refused to sign and was essentially told that I was “not interested in human rights” (after having signed everything else on their table) and that I needed to open my mind. Before that, the guy mentioned the overpopulation problem (now known to be nonexistent) and that, if I was concerned about the pain [experienced by the unborn], well, whales feel a lot of pain when killed.

I am thankful to God that I realized what I was doing before I put my signature on such a satanic petition as was presented then. I just signed the petition linked to in this e-mail now, and I hope that everyone reading will do so also. Remember, most, if not all, forms of discrimination against women are already illegal in this country.

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