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  /   Wednesday March 07, 2007  

The Roman Curia took its annual Lenten Retreat, and I wonder how they reacted to this statement by Cardinal Biffi. Cardinal Biffi is the retired Archbishop of Bologna, and he preached the retreat. In this, he said that the Antichrist will present himself as one who waters down the message of Jesus Christ and the Cross in favor of more popular causes. Precisely, he said that the Antichrist will present himself as “pacifist, ecologist, and ecumenist.” How did Pope Benedict XVI respond? He responded with praise, stating that he had presented a “very accurate and precise diagnosis of our situation today.”

If this upsets you, please read this commentary by Dr. Jeff Mirus for a good perspective on what was meant. His point was not to rail against ecumenism in and of itself, but to rail against ecumenism that requires one to compromise the truth. Working for a true peace is not wrong, but in no way can total pacifism be considered Christian. Certainly, we have to be good steward’s of God’s creation, but we should remember that God placed everything there as a gift to us.

Our eyes must be focused on Jesus Christ himself. Sometimes, perhaps in an attempt to show that our Christian life is “valuable” to the secular world, we begin to place certain causes above the transcendent. In so doing, we compromise the truth for the sake of avoiding giving offense. Sometimes the horizontal, “see Christ in our neighbor” attitude is taken to such an extreme that we become practically indistinguishable from do-gooder agnostics and athiests. It is absolutely obligatory for us to do good for others, but we must keep our eyes on Christ. Those who would turn us away are quite deserving of the title “Antichrist.”

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