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USCCB Sends Out Notice on a Theologian

  /   Sunday March 25, 2007  

I recently received further news that the USCCB has sent out a notification regarding some pamphlets sent out by theologian Daniel Maguire of Marquette University. In them, Maquire basically gives a defense of abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage. He sent it to the bishops, and they responded by saying that his views “cross the legitimate lines of theological reflection and simply enter into the area of false teaching.”

Did you get that last line? The USCCB Committee on Doctrine not only said that these don’t represent the views of the USCCB, but that these views are “false teaching.” They defended the Catholic faith. I hope that this is a sign that some things are going to change.

What is deplorable to me are the people on the Sound Off in the linked-to blog page who insist on responding with cynicism. Have they made a spirituality out of being critical to the point that nothing can satisfy them? Well, it’s quite possible. Even if what they insist on (e.g. “tail wagging the dog” or “the bishops were ‘forced’ to respond to this one”) is true, we need to show support when support needs to be shown. It’s the best way that we can help to get more of these badly needed clarifications.

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