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No More MS Walk for Me

  /   Thursday April 12, 2007  

It seems like it would be a wonderful Christian thing to do to support research for the treatment of crippling or life-threatening illnesses. However, it’s getting harder and harder to do that in good conscience. Recently, I found out that the National Multiple Sclerosis Society has come out in favor of federal funding for stem cell research. Well, that’s it. I won’t give them another dime. If they favor federal funding, then it’s hard to imagine that they wouldn’t give grants from their own money. They might also use money given to them for activism in favor of embryonic stem cell research.

Their reasoning for doing this leaves out something very important. They say that “all promising avenues that could lead to the cure or prevention of MS or relieve its most devastating symptoms by repairing MS damage must be explored,” but they forget that one should not do an evil in order to accomplish a good. Using human embryos as products on which to do research is an offense against human life and dignity. It treats human life as a product to be exploited for one’s own purpose. As long as the MS Society supports this immoral research, I cannot in good conscience support them.

To their credit, they do say that, if one makes a request, they will direct funds that one gives only to other purposes. However, all they have to do is then take some other money from that purpose and send it for support of embryonic stem cell research. This just isn’t going to cut it. The MS Society must stop supporting embryonic stem cell research before I will give them any more money.

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