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I Won’t Go to New Jersey

  /   Saturday November 10, 2007  

I wasn’t planning on going to New Jersey anyway, but now that they’ve passed a law requiring pharmacists to dispense the morning-after pill, I’m really not going. Other sources state that a pharmacist can try to locate a nearby pharmacy that will dispense, but this doesn’t really help things. This state supposedly has a large Catholic population, but they apparently cannot or are not willing to stand against this.

The sick part of this is the senator who sponsored the bill saying that conscience “should not come into play when subjective beliefs conflict with objective medical decisions.” Uh, hello, just what kind of “objective medical decision” is this anyway? If someone told me to go kill someone on the street, I doubt I could tell the police that I couldn’t let my conscience get in the way of someone’s “objective decision.” There is simply no objective medicine involved.

I was scanning comments on Newsday (here and here), and I noticed a couple of interesting items. First, one writer seems to have forgotten what really causes pregnancy. She writes “If the condom fails to work and you become pregnant, just go to your pharmacist and all the other refusing pharmacists.” Did it ever occur to this person that one who does not want to get pregnant does not have to do that which causes pregnancy? It’s a choice, and any adult should know what they are doing. If the natural consequences occur, take the responsibility instead of expecting someone to give you a pill that may (but won’t necessarily) destroy the life you have helped create by your own choice.

Other comments that I have seen many times say such wonderful things about how people all have different opinions that are “equally valid.” I wonder if my opinion would be “equally valid” if I believed I should rob someone’s house, and I saw nothing wrong with it. If not, then how does he know? It isn’t “moralists” imposing “arbitrary values” on people that leads to “moral narcissism.” The narcissism in our society is caused by people who believe that they should be allowed to do whatever they want without considering the natural consequences.

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