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  /   Saturday January 05, 2008  

After doing some tests on me after my wreck, the doctor put me in a boot and on crutches a few weeks ago. I have not had this before in my life, so I had no idea what it would be like. I’m not so much trying to get sympathy as to try to tell you what I’ve learned from this.

First, it’s really tiring. I have almost no energy. This is really bad given that work has gotten much more stressful lately. Yes, I’m still at the same job. If it weren’t for the wreck, I’d probably have left Memphis. I never knew that walking on crutches would take so much out of someone. I get home and hardly feel like doing anything.

Second, I’ve found that holding and carrying things is very difficult, if not impossible. The crutches are in your hands, so you can only hold things that you can brace against the crutches. Even then, it’s awkward. I’ll have to remember when I see others in the future on crutches to ask if they need help carrying stuff. I can tell you that the staff in Kroger and Target have been very helpful to me. The people at Zaxby’s noticed my condition and helped me get my food to the table without my asking. Qdoba wasn’t quite so helpful; they seemed oblivious to my condition.

Third, you get sore arms. My wrists are so sore that it’s sometimes hard to pick things up around my work desk. Yes, I am still trying to work. I would suggest trying to take time off if you have to deal with this. No doubt, I’ll have the arm muscles going again once I’m done.

Hopefully, I’m almost done with these things. I know I want to try to do what I can for others I see on these things in the future. Now, I know what kind of things are difficult when you have crutches.

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