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Where Have I Been (Again)?

  /   Thursday January 07, 2010  

At one time, I was a fairly regular blogger. Now, if there is still anyone left reading, they hardly hear from me anymore. Life is much different for me these days. In most aspects, it has changed for the better by far. More on that later.

Before too much time goes by, I am hoping to rewrite my entire web page and even do some more blogging. Right now, everything is running on an application that I built myself. I probably will not have time to have a site like that again, and any blog that I have is most likely to be a WordPress blog. Whether I can keep my archives up remains to be seen. It’s little matter to me because there are many things that I still believe strongly but would say differently today.

You may know that I got married on August 8, 2009 to a wonderful woman. Because of this, I have moved to North Carolina. Married life is going very well. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and have since made other trips. We flew back to my parents’ home in Missouri for Thanksgiving, and we took a big road trip back there for Christmas, including a trip back to Memphis to see my friends there.

My work schedule is something else. I took a third shift job in a hospital to get to this area. I work seven nights in a row and then have the next week off. This means that, for one week, I can do almost nothing but work and sleep. The next week I’m free, but I’m having to readjust to human hours. It has given us lots of travel time, but it’s pretty hard to have every other week as a zombie.

Anyway, hopefully I can be around occasionally. Married life is worth the sacrifice, but I still hope to do something on the site.

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