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  /   Monday February 22, 2010  

I am writing at the end of one of a really great trip that my wife and I have taken.  We drove to Pennsylvania to see friends and their new baby, and he’s a real cute little guy.  Then, we went on a young adult retreat at a retreat house in Cape May, NJ.  This brings back special memories for us because our courtship officially began right after that retreat.  Now, we are back as a married couple.  It was a lot of fun, but being around all these twenty-somethings makes me feel old.  In fact, I will have only one more year before I am too old for the young adult retreat there.  It is just as well, though, because I’m now in a whole new phase of life now that I’m a married man.

We took the Cape May-Lewes Ferry to Delaware and have been making our way through Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.  Yana managed to get in touch with one of her friends visiting her mother in Delaware, and we got to meet up with them.  We thought we’d get all the way home, but we were a bit too ambitious on that one.  My wife found a great deal as she always does, and we were able to stay a night in downtown Portsmouth, Virginia. It is just beautiful here.  We will be heading home this morning, and I have to go back to work.

The retreat brought me some things that I want to expand on when I get a chance.  We had an opportunity for group sharing, and after speaking I always seem to think of something else that would have been good to talk about.  So, I should be back to post more later.

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