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  /   Sunday February 28, 2010  

I was doing random Internet searching for fun and found this parody of Marty Haugen’s Gather Us In.  For me, this particular “hymn” is the symbol of all really awful songs that we sing in church these days.  In this song, we, the congregation, and singing about ourselves, and there is even a verse which could be taken to eschew our desire for Heaven.  I laughed out loud when I read this article.

On a better note, I found this great article by Fr. Gary Coulter on the priest celebrating the Mass facing the same direction as the people.  Notice that I said “the same direction as the people” instead of “with his back to the people” or “facing the wall” or something like that.  The distinction is important here even though any of these phrases would have the priest facing the same way.  I am hoping for a return to the practice of the priest facing the same direction of the people at least for the Eucharistic Prayer.  It shows a sign of unity of movement of priest and people towards God, and, more importantly, it shows that the prayers of the Mass are addressed to God, not the people.  And to think, this practice could be changed without a single legislative act on the part of those in authority.  It is already permitted.

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