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Why Do Spammers Bother?

  /   Monday April 26, 2010  

E-mail and comment spam is something that I’ve never really understood.  How do people really earn money from posting and e-mailing offers to people who usually don’t want them?  Ok, I guess someone is doing business with them, or it would be a waste of effort.

Apparently, some companies are paying people to go through and enter CAPTCHA codes.  I just don’t get how this is worth someone’s time and resources.  A CAPTCHA code is something to keep automated processes from entering spam messages and comments.  The very presence of the code should tell people that these unsolicited offers are not wanted there.  Who makes money by targeting offers to people who do not want them?  Companies like Facebook and Google make at least part of their money by trying to produce targeted ads.  In other words, they use information to find out what people might be interested in.

My site uses CAPTCHA on my e-mail link, and all comments on my blog have to be approved before they will appear.  I also utilize spam filters in both my e-mail and the blog.  If you are a spammer, don’t even bother to post here.  Even if you get past my filters, I will delete your e-mail and never post your comment.  Even if I wanted your product, I would never buy from someone who uses these tactics.  I wish I could just allow comments to instantly post.  However, even if I let the spam post and deleted it later, there’s a possibility that it will get to a search engine and help their ranking.  I want to take no chance of letting a spammer do that.

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