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Two Months Later, on the Droid

  /   Wednesday June 23, 2010  

I posted my review of the Droid here a couple of months ago, and now my use of the Droid has expanded a lot.  I’m actually amazed at what I have found for the Android operating system and what has been made available in the last couple of months.  Android is becoming a formidable competitor to the iPhone.  I’m not so much interested in it being an iPhone killer as I am having the competition help each other to be better.

I’ve gotten into the world of streaming audio with Pandora.  Unfortunately, it’s a battery hog that I can’t use for long without plugging in the phone.  Still, it works great over 3G.  Just recently, there has been an application for Sirius/XM Radio.  Now, I have my EWTN radio on the go!  If you are an XM subscriber, you’ll need to look on the Sirius XM site to get the app.  It will work for XM just as well as I no longer have my Sirius subscription.  I had been waiting for this app for as long as I’ve had my phone, especially since there has been an iPhone app available for some time.

On another note, one of my concerns about switching to Android is that my pharmacist references wouldn’t be available.  Thankfully, this wasn’t an issue.  You can get ePocrates from the Android market, but it is in beta and isn’t receiving clinical updates according to the company.  The folks at Lexi were nice enough to move my subscription from a Palm version to the Android version without charging me. They didn’t have the Lexi Calc clinical calculations at first, but they have since added them.

Now, the only thing that is missing is a program like Pocket Quicken.  As I blogged earlier, Intuit, in what has to be my least favorite business decision of 2010, discontinued it.  No, the handheld version of Mint is not an acceptable substitute.  I want something I can update and reconcile with bank records.  I have yet to see an equivalent competitor to Quicken produce an Android version either.

Android is growing by leaps and bounds, and I am ready to see what comes next.

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