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  /   Sunday January 23, 2011  

A number of years ago, my grandmother told me about how she loved the Latin when that was the language of the Mass.  I must confess that I didn’t understand her.  It seemed strange that she wouldn’t be perfectly happy with having the Mass in English.  We gave her a CD of Gregorian Chant one year, and she loved it.  She could tell that I wasn’t so enthusiastic.

Years later, I’ve been to the Extraordinary Form a few times and really enjoy it.  The parish to which we belong has a schola that does chant about once a month, and it is beautiful.  I only wish that I had discovered all of this while my grandmother was still alive.

Thanks to the National Catholic Register, I learned of the Chant Cafe site.  It is well worth reading about the music of the Mass and how things have departed from the original intent of Vatican II.  Until I read it, I did not know what an Introit was or that there was a setting for the antiphons for the Mass.  Then, one day, the schola in my parish was singing it, and I realized that they had been doing this all along.  Ah, yes, this is one more reason why I love the liturgies at Assumption.  By the way, this is a small parish with not a lot of staff.  So, lack of resources isn’t a very good excuse for not having a beautiful Mass.

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