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  /   Wednesday June 01, 2011  

File this one in the “I wish I had this a long time ago” category.  I got an e-mail from Ascension Press, whose works I really like, about a new book named Disorientation.  It’s about the “-isms” (ideologies) that college students are bombarded with from the very beginning.  The site itself is worth seeing even if you don’t plan to buy the book because it gives a short description of each “-ism.”  Even though I’m twelve years past college and my son isn’t born yet, I just might go for a copy of this book.

Several years ago, I can remember someone saying that the best defense against false teaching is to know the true Catholic faith.  Well, this has a lot of truth to it.  Still, I do believe that it sharpens ones knowledge of the faith to learn about ideas that are opposed to it and what is wrong with those ideas.  This is why books like this provide great resources that I wish I had just before I entered college.

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