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Podcast Episode 13: Religion vs Jesus = False Dichotomy

  /   Tuesday February 07, 2012  

At really long last, here is another podcast episode.

Download it here.

Yana got me Adobe Audition for Mac for Christmas, so I’m putting it to good use.  The sound may be a bit different because I was doing completely new settings on my post-production plug-in.  I think my Ozone 3 is due for an upgrade, don’t you?

Anyway, in the span of about 18 minutes, I make a valiant attempt to shed some light on two common misunderstandings of our day.  This was prompted by the YouTube video that went viral entitled “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus.”  The first part is about the video and some things that are wrong with it.  I end it with what’s right from the video.

Then, I tackle the irresponsible statement often heard, in some form or another, that obeying the law doesn’t matter as long as we love.  This is one of those topics that inspired me to name the blog and podcast “It Really Does Matter.”  The reason is that, as you may have guessed, it really does matter.

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