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  /   Thursday May 17, 2012  

Blessed John Paul II, in his talks that became known as Theology of the Body, brought forth the understanding that marriage is an image, though an imperfect one, of the Holy Trinity.  The Father and the Son love each other, and that love between them is so powerful that it is actually another divine person – the Holy Spirit.  As some apologists have said, the love between a man and his wife may have to be given a name nine months later.

However, I haven’t seen quite so much written that goes beyond that.  It seems that this fascinating creature who now lives in our house can give us a window as to how God sees us, loves us, and longs for us.  I’m not in a hurry for little Simon to grow up, but yet there are things that I long for him to be able to do.  God, who is beyond time, patiently waits for us, but yet he wants for us to be able to live the abundant life he wants to give us.

There are certain things that I long for Simon to be able to do.  I am looking forward to him crawling or walking to me as I come home from work.  I want him to be able to talk to me and tell me what is on his mind.  I am waiting for the day when he’ll give me a hug when he sees me.  I’m sure he’ll also want to climb all over me and wrestle, and yes, I am excited for that as well.  However, I’m perfectly willing to wait for it because seeing him grow little by little is far more fascinating that I could have imagined.  Besides, I also know that, as he gains more ability, there will also be the need for more discipline.  Let’s also not forget that I’ll have to be more and more careful of what I accidentally teach him.

Certainly, our Father in Heaven wants us to run to him all the time.  He longs for us to talk to him in prayer.  He wants us to walk with him in our daily lives as we perform the duties of our state of life.  He wants us to know and love him even more, much more really, than I am longing for my son to know and love me. He waits for us with that longing. He sees us grow little by little in that love.  Sometimes, he has to push us back on to the right path, and we may well “wrestle” with him.  Still, he waits patiently, but with a love for us that we can’t even imagine.  As I think of those things that I really long for my son to do, I just have to think that this must be how God is longing for us.

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