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Podcast Episode 14: A Look at the Affordable Care Act

  /   Wednesday April 09, 2014  

After a two-year hiatus, I am pleased to bring you another podcast episode.

Download it here.

I decided that I’d take on giving my view of the Affordable Care Act, trying to be as objective as I could for the first segment.  I go over some good aspects as well as some actual and potential problems that may result.  After that, I talk about the serious problem that is the mandate that all insurance plans provide free contraception.

While I hope to produce some more shows like this in the near future, I’m going to be trying something new in an effort to get more podcast content out.  I am starting a new show that I will call the “Lunchbreak edition” of the podcast.  It will be shorter (one segment only), less scripted, and less edited than my main show, but hopefully you’ll see it more often.  I’ve already started recording, so look for the first one soon on this blog.  It will be in a separate feed from the main show, so if you wish to subscribe, you’ll need to subscribe separately.

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