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  /   Thursday May 15, 2014  

After having done several Lunch Break shows (and having a new full episode in the works), I’ve started to realize that keeping separate pages and feeds for the shows was probably not the best idea.  So, I’ve combined both Lunch Break and the regular show into one site, and I’ve even updated the existing links on this blog to point to the new site.  The address is:


I’ve even added the few surviving episodes from The David Ancell Podcast that I used to record around 2006 – 2007.  Most episodes were lost in a hard drive crash, but if I can ever find them, I’ll try to get them posted.  Better yet, my recorded talks from Incarnation RCIA are up there also.  I figured it would make it easier both for people to find and for me to maintain if I used one area of my site for all of my recorded talks.  Please be sure to update your subscriptions in iTunes to the new feed because the only thing I plan to add to them in the future is a message that everything has been moved.  I’m planning some more revisions to my whole site in the coming months, so please keep watching.

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