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Podcast Episode: The Blessed Virgin Mary

  /   Saturday May 31, 2014  

I’ve just posted a new podcast episode.

Get it here.

I must admit that this one is much later than I planned it.  I wanted to have something posted on the Blessed Virgin Mary in May, which is the month in which we especially honor her.  However, here I am at 11:20 PM CDT on May 31st putting this up.

Just for fun, in the first segment, I decided to introduce Benedict, my second son, to the podcast listeners.  He actually stayed with me for the second segment as my co-host.  I did this with Simon when he was first born, so now that I’m back to podcasting, it’s Benedict’s turn.  Then, in the second segment, I did a quick overview of the Church’s teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mary.  If you want something more extensive on the subject, I did do an RCIA teaching that you can get here.

I’ve been doing some tweaks to try to improve the sound quality of my podcasts, and I think this is the best audio quality I’ve been able to achieve to date.  If you’ve been listening to other shows, you may wish to turn your volume down before listening to this one because it actually has a higher volume level.  Enjoy!

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