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Lunch Break: When the Official Programs Do Not Convey the Faith

  /   Wednesday August 13, 2014  

I have uploaded another Lunch Break edition of my podcast.

Download it here.

This one was kind of hard to put into a podcast.  Maybe there is much more that I could have said.  There are a lot of you out there who have made a rediscovery of the full truth and beauty of the Catholic faith after having been Catholic for a number of years.  I would consider myself one of them.

Then, there are things that would be hard not to realize.  Books found in the parish library that contain false teaching.  Parish religious education that waters down the faith.  The marriage preparation program may not say anything wrong, but it doesn’t say enough of what’s right.  Some kind of program about life doesn’t even mention God until around chapter 25.  The priest or the people are doing something at Mass that doesn’t belong in the Liturgy.

Imagine seeing this and trying to explain to an outsider that what he is seeing isn’t really how things are supposed to be despite how widespread it is.  Imagine trying to explain to your fellow parishioners that something they have been doing for years isn’t quite right.  Imagine trying to explain to your friends that the diocesan program contains false teaching or is really watered down and that the real truth is found elsewhere.

It’s a strange situation that we are in.  It is less of an issue than it once was, but it’s still around.  However, we must not lose heart.  We must work to bring people to the fullness of the Catholic Faith.

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