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Podcast: Our Spirituality Should Be Centered on the Eucharist

  /   Wednesday May 20, 2015  

I have finally resumed my podcast.  It has been so long that I had trouble remembering my username and password to post the episode.  I’m hoping to get more done soon and even some videocasts on YouTube.

Download the latest episode here.

This is a brief episode on how our spiritual life should be centered on the Eucharist.  As some may know, the Eucharist was something that I longed to receive for a long time.  Even after 24 years of being Catholic, I still want to receive as much as I can.  I honestly think this barely scratches the surface of this topic, but I wanted to say something about it now.  This came to mind because I’ve had a recent schedule change at work that allows me to go to weekday Mass during my lunch break.  It has been a great blessing as I have really missed going.  Because I am no longer going to podcast over my lunch break, I won’t be calling any future episodes Lunchbreak editions.

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