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Podcast Episode: About Those Other Issues

  /   Wednesday June 17, 2015  

I have just posted my latest podcast episode.

Download it Here.

I wanted to do a couple of podcasts, and this is the first one, on issues that are often rejected by Catholics who want to follow the teachings of the Church.  This is often a reaction to people who press these issues but reject other major Church teachings.  However, those people have a point, but the issues aren’t understood correctly.

One of the pet peeves of many Catholics who are trying to be faithful to the Church is people who call themselves Catholic but either are pro-abortion or vote for candidates who are pro-abortion.  However, those who will do this will talk about other social issues like concern for the poor.  Truthfully, we do need to be concerned for the poor, and this can be forgotten by pro-life Catholics.  Many are repulsed by social issues, and it may be due to a political ideology.  It also may be because the people who champion the other issues tend to downplay the evil of abortion, provoking a bad reaction to their other concerns (whether intended or not).  Anyway, this is what I’m talking about in this podcast.

Next time, I hope to get a videocast up before I pick up another topic like this in an audio podcast.

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