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  /   Saturday August 17, 2002  

I’m sure there are a some people visiting me for the first time. Mark Shea was kind enough to announce the existence of my blog on his yesterday. I’m also now part of the webring St. Blog’s Parish. Maybe it seems a bit self-serving, but what’s the point of me doing this if no one reads it?

Weekends give me a time to think and write more. I work a full-time job doing second shift, so my weekday stuff is often written quickly while I try to get to work or to bed. I do want to post one thing that may have easily gone unnoticed. In the midst of the “contest” to find Miss Emily Stimpson a suitor, it’s possible that this great reflection on Christian singleness got missed. I must admit that I do appreciate the time that I have, being a single, but I tend to think that I would learn be more self-giving in another vocation. I need to pray that God will grant me the clarity to know what he wants me to do, and the courage to do it.

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