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Will the Vatican Reject the Bishops’ Plan?

  /   Saturday August 17, 2002  

Catholic World News seems to have some information to suggest that the Vatican will send the U.S. Bishops back to the ol’ drawing board. Here’s another article on Catholic Exchange concerning not only this, but also the document on evangelization of Jews. I don’t know why that particular document was deemed necessary at this moment, and I admit I have not read it.

Anyway, as much as I dread seeing the nasty media backlash complete with full commentary by Frs. Richard McBrien and Andrew Greeley, I hope the “zero tolerance” policy comes back with a big red “X” on it. I find it less than Christian to depose priests who committed a single offense 25 years ago and have been penitent ever since. One might argue that we don’t know if they’ll ever abuse again, but the fact is that we don’t know for sure whether or not any priest will abuse someone, regardless of his past.

We need our Bishops to make their judgement, and then stand by it regardless of public opinion. This goes for teaching as well as judicial matters. How will this be accomplished? Well, remember that the apostles often misunderstood Jesus. When Jesus was lead off to be crucified, Peter denied him three times. All of the apostles except John made a run for it. However, after Jesus rose and ascended into Heaven, something happened that changed the apostles. They became bold preachers who (with one exception) were violently put to death for their faith. What was it that happened? The Holy Spirit descended upon them. This is what we need to pray for today, not just for our Bishops, but for all people in the Church.

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