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  /   Monday September 02, 2002  

Finally, I made my first posting to the forum on the Catechism of the Catholic Church Internet Study Group. We’re discussing Scripture and Tradition. Some time in the future, I plan to write an article for my main site on why I don’t believe in Sola Scriptura. Here’s an excerpt from my post:

I am a convert who has been Catholic for 11 years. I had never belonged to any church before. Perhaps it was because of this that the idea that revelation does not come from Scripture alone was one of the easiest things for me to accept as a Catholic. The idea of there being a Tradition made perfect sense.

I knew well that the Bible did not drop from Heaven, nor was it written by Jesus himself. Further, many Christians lived and died before the Bible was even completely written, and more lived and died before it was compiled.

Either an outside authority (the Magisterium) affirms the inspiration of the Bible, or the Bible is the word of God because the Bible says it’s the Word of God. In the latter case, every book that says it’s the Word of God would then become the Word of God. It was the Church who declared which books went in the Bible. Even if a book in the Bible stated which books are inspired, how would you know that book is inspired?

Tradition and Scripture form the Deposit of Faith. I understand Tradition as that within which the Scripture must be understood (do correct me if I’m wrong). We have a body of teaching, and therefore we know that anyone whose interpretation of that Bible contradicts that teaching has an erroneous interpretation.

I have grown much in my understand of Scripture through reading, praying, thinking about the Scripture, and listening to some talks when available. God blessed me with a desire to read the Scriptures more often before I even started the RCIA process. All of the aforementioned must be done in light of the Tradition of the Church.

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