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Oh! The Times We Are Living In

  /   Monday September 02, 2002  

I found this label on a loaf of IronKids brand bread:

Parents: The name “IronKids” is in reference only to a children’s fitness program and has no reference to either extra iron in this bread or to the bread resulting in superior strength or performance.

This reminds me of the sun shade designed for a car windshield that says “Remove from windshield before driving.” or the stroller that says on the label “Remove child from stroller before folding for storage.”

We get this stuff in the pharmacy world:

A guy who graduated a year ahead of me told me that they have a label on some head-lice shampoo (key word: shampoo) that says “For external use only.” Apparently, some parents were giving it to their kids orally.

When I was in my first semester of pharmacy school, a professor told us to always put “Unwrap and insert . . .” on the label of a suppository. Otherwise, we’d have a patient come back and say “That foil really hurts!!”

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