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  /   Saturday September 28, 2002  

Good evening . . . . I’m back, for the time being.

I wish to write about prayer. A friar at Franciscan University of Steubenville gave me his outline on prayer when he heard my confession. One of the important points on it is that in prayer we must seek conformity with God’s will. So . . .

Don’t pray to get God to do what you want; pray to get yourself to do what God wants.

Oh, how simple this is to say, but so hard to do. I’m not against prayers of petition; I do a lot of this myself. However, have you ever seen those novenas that “never fail” or anything like that. Don’t fall for it. It’s superstition. In other words, it’s an attempt to manipulate God. I’ve never fallen for this, but I have fallen for my own lines of thought such as “If I pray like this, maybe then God will do what I want.”

I’m in a state of life, having lost an uncle and a former co-worker, that I’m starting to wonder about God’s ways. I need to keep in mind last Sunday’s Gospel. God’s ways are not our ways; they are high above our ways. We see a very small picture; God sees all eternity.

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