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  /   Saturday September 28, 2002  

I just read this article on Catholic Exchange as well as this one. My greatest fear in life is to die and find that I have been a fraud. Whatever I may be, I wish to really be.

I do like how the first article talks about externals. Too many people act as though externals are now unnecessary because of the teaching of Jesus. Well, Jesus didn’t make external devotion unnecessary; he made it insufficient. If external devotion were sufficient, then gunpoint evangelization ought to be considered a holy thing. After all, why would it matter that a person repented only because there was a gun to his head if external repentance sufficed?

Although external devotion can be practiced without interior belief, I do not believe that the opposite is true. We need to dress modestly, dress appropriately for Mass, genuflect if possible when before the Blessed Sacrament, say our Rosary, etc. Even if our interior disposition is not at its best, maybe Jesus will use these things to bring us closer to him.

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