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Light, If Any, Blogging Mode

  /   Monday October 07, 2002  

Light, If Any, Blogging Mode
I hate to keep doing this, but it looks like we will have light, if any, blogging this week. I’m back to my old business again.

However, I want to leave you with some things to read.

First, check out the latest Deal Hudson article on Catholic Exchange about Voice of the Faithful. What is the deal with these guys, anyway? Don’t forget to pray for their conversion.

Second, I’ve been reading Fr. Benedict Groeschel’s From Scandal to Hope. It’s an excellent thesis on what has gone wrong and what can be done. I do wish I could have pulled something more out of it as to what I can do, but it’s a great book. Fr. Groeschel takes on the whole problem and its root, not just the prevailing symptom.

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