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Does Anyone Screen Their Stuff?

  /   Wednesday October 09, 2002  

While away on business, I’ve had a chance to check out the local Catholic bookstore. Quite a sight it is. I was able to pick up the new Suprised by Truth 3, and I noticed that there are some stories of people whom I recognize and am ready to read.

This store contained a lot of stuff from Sophia Institute Press, Ignatius Press, and some things from TAN. There were some solid resources by John Hardon, Benedict Groeschel, etc available. However, what struck me was that often, right near the good stuff, there was a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t touch with a 1,232,634,987,275 foot pole. They featured Fr. Richard Rohr, Fr. Richard McBrien, Monika Helwig (complete with false teaching on the Eucharist), and Fr. Andrew Greeley (I am not joking.). There were also books on the Enneagram.

I’m glad that at least there were good resources available, but why put those dissident books (e.g. Christ Among Us) in there as well? I have to wonder if these people (They were nice people.) realize what they are doing. They could use someone with a bit more discriminatory tastes.

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