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  /   Friday October 11, 2002  

I was in awe earlier today when I read the second reading from today’s Office of Readings by St. Vincent of Lerins. Here are some excerpts:

Development means that each thing expands to be itself, while alteration means that a thing is changed from one thing into another.

In ancient times our ancestors sowed the good seed in the harvest field of the Church. It would be very wrong and unfitting if we, their descendants, were to reap, not the genuine wheat of truth but the intrusive growth of error.

I need not say that the present crisis in the Church is the result of many having reaped error. It is sad to see that many (e.g. early benefactors of Catholic schools) planted good seed only to find their children prefer the weeds instead of the true harvest. Yet, those of us who can find the harvest will reap abundantly. We can nourish the seeds to continue to grow for the next generation. The scandals of today may even make a greater call to holiness than anything else would.

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