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  /   Friday October 11, 2002  

By now, you may have read that Tim Drake has decided to quit blogging. Tom Abbott proceeded to comtemplate quitting but then decided to stay with it but without an overriding concern for the number of hits he got.

Of course, I wish to continue blogging because I have a pretty good time with it. Pretty soon I’ll be changing software if my host gets my account changed to that UNIX server. Everything will be hosted here, including the comments. This means that it won’t go down too often, and it will allow me to provide better quality content. If my project in Nashville ever gets finished, I should be back to daily blogging.

A good day for me would be 10 hits. While I’d really like to have more hits, I don’t want to start acting in an uncharitable manner in an attempt to improve my count on Site Meter. Sometimes I feel that others have done so in an attempt to get cheers from others. I started this blog both in an attempt to preach the Gospel and because I like to share my thoughts. I have plenty of ego. However, I am aware that if motives were a college course, it would be a graded course. If I really try to preach the Gospel, but there is that side of me that wants the HMS blog to quote me, I could still get a B. I’d rather have an A, but at least I did some good. Rarely are anyone’s motives pure, especially mine. If there is any good that I can do, I need to go ahead and do it.

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