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  /   Sunday October 13, 2002  

Interesting . . . . very interesting . . . . I was reading the HMS blog, and one member cited this article about the development of an American catechism. According to the article:

“The national adult catechism for the United States will be a work that will address both the ways in which the Catholic faith reflects and respects the various cultural traditions and their manifestations in the United States and the ways in which the faith challenges our modern, highly secular culture,” Bishop Wuerl told his Vatican audience.

Also in the article is a mention that it will target young adults who “form so much of the focus of the new evangelization today.”

On the one hand, I applaud this. First of all, Bishop Donald W. Wuerl is the man for the job. I say team him up with Chaput and Bruskewitz, and you’ll have the basis for the best formation that has ever been found in the United States. Also, as one reader has stated, there is a lot of the American culture that needs to be addressed in a catechism. I would add to this things like modesty in dress and the purchasing of explicit-lyric music and other immoral entertainment. It would be great to have a catechism that says “I’m talking to you.” and helps us to live this Christian life that we are so fortunate as to be called to live.

On the other hand, my fear is the same as the post referenced above. Will we get something that will truly show us the love of God and our need to reform our lives to conform to the Gospel? Or will we be stuck with something that already conforms to our lives? I hope that this catechism has to have Vatican approval, and I hope that they scrutinize it carefully and give the people involved a swift, charitable kick in the real estate if they stall this thing because they don’t want to have to publish something containing orthodox Catholic doctrine.

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