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  /   Friday November 15, 2002  

If you aren’t subscribed to Catholic Exchange’s Daily Word of Encouragement, I’d advise it. Here is a great example of what’s on the site. It’s about how we won’t feed ourselves physical poison, but we will feed ourselves spiritual poison (bad movies, books, etc.) and expect it not to affect us.

My take on vulgar movies, music, and TV shows is this:

I wouldn’t enjoy having someone say insulting words to me about my family, my church, or my friends. Why would I allow myself to be entertained by someone blaspheming or otherwise commiting grave offenses against my God? We practically pay those people to do this when we patronize their shows.

I was never told growing up that I could not buy music with explicit lyrics. However, to this day I have never done so. This was the first part of my spiritual life, to reject vulgar entertainment.

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