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  /   Saturday November 16, 2002  

Take a look at this confusing article in the New York Times by Laurie Goodstein. The title itself, “Catholic Leadership Is Looking to Past, Not to Change, as Response to Scandal,” is enough to mislead people.

Of course, the Church is looking at change. It just isn’t the change that those with an agenda want. Notice how, in describing the plan of the bishops, the words purify and holiness are in quotes. Methinks these are rather strange concepts to the secular media.

To the secularist, the Church is just some backwards institution that refuses to update itself with the times. To the faithful, we know that that is exactly what the Church is supposed to be. We follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not the Whim of the Times. It is fidelity, not flexibility, that will show us to be faithful.

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