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Muslims Worship Same God?

  /   Friday November 29, 2002  

This came up in a conversation today. I didn’t have the chance to make a full answer then, so I’ll post it here.

No, I’d have to say that Muslims don’t worship the same God that Christians worship. They are monotheists; we do have that in common. However, there are differences:

1. They worship “Allah” (Master); we worship “Abba” (Father, Daddy).

2. They reject the dogma of the Trinity. God for the Muslims is not one God in three divine persons.

3. They reject the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Of course, I do believe the Jews worship the same God simply because Christianity is the fulfillment of Judiasm. The Jewish faith pre-existed the revelation of Jesus Christ. Those who cling to the Jewish faith just haven’t claimed the fulness yet.

LATER NOTE: See the Trackback. This statement is retracted.

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