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More Reflections on Scandal Postings

  /   Saturday December 21, 2002  

I had another thought about continuing to post item after item on the scandal. What does this say to people on the outside of the Church? Someone may be looking at these blogs to find some insight about the Catholic Church only to find nothing but scandal info. Such a person may decide that we are turning on each other. So much for evangelization . . . .

I do think that some posting about the scandal is useful and even necessary. If we ignore the subject, an outsider may view it as a failure to acknowledge the scandal. So, we need to acknowledge it and provide explanation for why we are still in the Church. Our reaction to the scandal is very relevant to our lives as Catholics. This is a message that many really need to hear.

The more I think about it, the weaker the argument for spreading the muck seems. There is one blog that I hardly ever go to, partly because I am so disgusted with what looks as though she is trying to find the sleaziest stuff possible on the Church. It’s too bad, because this particular parishoner of St. Blog’s is a very talented writer.

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