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Greater Than Our Understanding

  /   Saturday December 21, 2002  

For some reason, I remembered a passage from an athiest’s web site as I was driving around Memphis doing last-minute Christmas shopping.

The statement went something like this:
“When something comes along that they can’t explain, they just say that God is greater than our understanding.”

Given the context in which this statement was made, it sounded like they were saying that we were just making excuses for God. Another thing they could be saying is “Since we don’t understand some things, God must not exist.” This can also translate into “If I don’t understand it, I won’t believe it.”

This bothered me when I first heard it. I know now that it is a foolhardy argument. I would hope that the one who created me would be more intelligent than I am. I would hope that he would see the big picture better than I can. Therefore, I hope that he would be doing things that are beyond my understanding. Of course God knows more than we do! Otherwise, he could never have made us.

There are plenty of things about the world that many, many generations did not understand. There are still many things that our scientists do not know. Yet, God has known them, and a whole lot more, from the beginning of time. If he didn’t, he couldn’t have allowed them to happen.

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