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Politically-Correct Christmas

  /   Saturday December 21, 2002  

I just found this article from this post by Emily Stimpson. This is further proof that the PC movement (and I don’t mean personal computer) is headed towards ridiculous extremes.

I just love this quote from the article:

“We’re at this point where no one wants to offend anyone, but you know what, I’m offended when teachers don’t mention Christmas or pretend like it’s not there,” said Karen Holgate, director of policy at the Capitol Resource Institute, a pro-family public policy center based in California.

So, it’s wrong to offend anyone but Christians. I guess PC takes an affirmative action approach.

When I grew up in my small home town of Sikeston, Missouri, I never saw any of this. Now that I live in an urban area, I’ve seen plenty of oddities:

1. My company has a “Holiday Party.”

2. I was at one Thanksgiving celebration where a guy read a list of things to be thankful for and after each one said “Let us give thanks and praise.” No, I didn’t leave anything out. He didn’t mention anyone to whom we should give the thanks and praise. What’s the point?

Does anyone know how removing all references to one particular culture that people happen not to like is going to promote multiculturalism?

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