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  /   Tuesday December 24, 2002  

Here we are, 2.25 hours away from Christmas (Central Time, U.S.). I’ll be attending the 9 AM Mass tomorrow morning in my home parish. I’m blogging from my dad’s computer. I’d love to tell you that I have spent many hours in prayer preparing a place in my heart for the coming of the Lord. However, I have been busy beyond belief.

I have been traveling since mid-September. This is just about to come to an end (and then I can blog more). I have also been feverishly working on this web page. At least that is a good work for the Church. There was plenty of stuff going on. Much of it could not be helped. My work has been short-staffed.

Somehow, though, I feel that I could have been more in the spirit of this season. Somehow, I feel that I have missed something. I do hope that the Lord will accept the work I have done and help me to be ready for his real coming into my life. Maybe I just need to get away from the computer.

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