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  /   Tuesday December 24, 2002  

I don’t know why scandals are on my mind at 9:45 PM on Christmas Eve, but a thought occurred to me, and I feel I need to share it. We may remember the statement made by Cardinal Law at his resignation:

“To all those who have suffered from my shortcomings and mistakes I both apologize and from them beg forgiveness.”

Now, we could scoff at him and say “Hey! Let’s see you do penance. Then we will see how sorry you really are.” The thought went through my own mind. Then, I realized that I need to take my own advice. If we expect him to do penance for his sins, we should be willing to do penance for our own.

Now, let’s continue to pray for the Archdiocese and pray for the ability to do penance for our own sins. A true reform of the Church will only take place as we reform ourselves.

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