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Population of Hell

  /   Wednesday January 01, 2003  

What is the population of Hell? Well, actually, I don’t want to know that.

During my travels to Nashville, I have been listening to CDs from St. Joseph Communications in my car. One series is Moments of Grace by Grace MacKinnon. I recommend it. Mackinnon, who answers questions in her Dear Grace column, has an amazing story.

Anyway, on her last CD, she mentioned that St. Alphonsus Ligouri believed that most people go to Hell. In the not-too-distant-past, I debated a traditionalist who said that the Church teaches that majority of Catholics, including priests and bishops, are going to Hell. He knew this “by the authority of the saints.” The only evidence he sited was this article from an obvious dissident site. I do not know the authenticity of it, but suffice to say I know that it is not an authoritative source. The article claims that several doctors of the Church believed that very few would be saved. I do not know the veracity of those claims. Jesus himself often speaks of entering through the narrow gate.

On the other hand, one of the letters of St. Peter in Scripture mentions that God waits patiently because he wants all to come to salvation. Jesus loves us all and wishes to save all of us. From what I’ve read about St. Catherine of Sienna, she seemed to think that God would use every opportunity he had to save a soul. Even the priests who wrote Radio Replies (published by TAN books, not exactly a liberal theology department) stated that they do not believe that there are more people in Hell than in Heaven.

So, why do I bring this up? I do so mainly because the idea that very, very few will be saved is a disturbing thought. To believe so would be to say that God created us, claims to love us, and sent his only Son to die for us only to have salvation be so hard for us that the majority of us fall into Hell anyway. I do not believe that Hell is empty, though I hope it will be as close to empty as possible. If the majority of God’s created beings are in Hell, then it looks like Satan came awful close to defeating God. That cannot happen.

So, do any readers have any insight on this? Please do comment. I do know that there is a Hell and that going there is a real possiblity. It has to be for free will to be anything other than a sham. Please don’t accuse me of the universal salvation line; I do not believe that everyone will be saved. What I hope for is some hope that far more will be saved than we know.

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