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  /   Friday January 03, 2003  

While music and liturgy are the hot topic, take a look at this article on Peter’s Net about OCP. I laughed when I read the part excerpted below:

The liturgical planning guides are a ghastly embarrassment. Two years ago, for example, the liturgical planner recommended “Seek Ye First” for the first Sunday in Lent (“Al-le-lu-, Al-le-lu-yah”).

Ya know, I think we used this song during Lent at a former parish of mine. I can’t remember when or where, and I’m not even for sure that it happened. I just think it did. We changed the “Al-le-lu, Al-le-lu-yah” to something else.

Anyway, the problem with OCP music is not that all of it is bad. They do have some good music. The problem is that even most of their good stuff doesn’t belong in the liturgy. Music used in the liturgy needs to be music that a congregataion can sing, even if you are challanged in that area as I am.

Really, though, I find it hard to find a church where good music is used. My church ain’t it. I can’t sing most of the stuff they do.

As for “Shine Jesus Shine,” which was a subject of a post by Jeff Miller, this song was used in Stuebenville. I have only seen it used at Mass once, and it was a school Mass for my parish school. I kinda like the song, but I don’t like to hear it at Mass.

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