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Just What is Worship Anyway

  /   Thursday January 09, 2003  

I touched a little on worship here that was a response to Greg Popcak’s post here. He describes the singing of the tacky songs as a powerful experience of “worship.” To elaborate more on what has been said, I must ask: What is worship?

I guess I’m thinking from the standpoint of having heard The Way We Worship by Michael Crumbie from St. Joseph Communications. Is this kind of thing really worship?

Our Catholic worship was commanded by Christ. When he instituted the Eucharist, he said “Do this in remembrance of me.” Protestants (though not all), from my standpoint, tend to view worship and the Church as consequences ofthe Gospel brought forth by people. Therefore, they take much more liberal view of worship than I do. I am leaning towards the idea that all true worship has the Eucharist at its heart. However, where would that leave the Liturgy of the Hours? Any comments? Does anyone know of any good Catholic literature on liturgy and worship?

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