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Not Trading Their Sorrows

  /   Thursday January 09, 2003  

Emily and Greg are busy trashing Trading my Sorrows. I hope Darrell Evans isn’t reading the HMS blog. He wrote the song. Ironically, his version of the song is my least favorite.

This song has been published and republished on several compilations, most recently by Catholic singer Steve Angrisano. Guess what! It’s published by OCP. In the album notes, he says that the song “rocks the house” when it is played in church. Rather that is the sound of cheering or the running footsteps of those leaving the building I do not know.

Really, the song isn’t bad. I do listen to it. I just think the chorus is incredibly silly, and I don’t think it belongs at Mass in any way, shape, or form. People who play this song at Mass should be sentenced to six years of pharmacy school.

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