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Ok, So I Haven’t Quit

  /   Tuesday January 14, 2003  

I’m beginning to think I need a new category just for liturgy because I’ve posted so much lately on the subject.

I read this post by Amy Welborn because it was linked to from this post by Greg Popcak. My view is, of course, that I have mixed feelings about these emotional worship services, as indicated on my comment on Mrs. Welborn’s post:

I will not claim to know the answer to this, but . . . . do these “worship services” lead to a lasting, greater desire for union with God, or are they just an emotional fix. I have a natural suspicion of anything that does not appear to have a lot of depth. It’s not that I don’t think the people involved are sincere; it’s just that it doesn’t seem sincere. Perhaps this is because I do not notice any real changes in people’s lives after having been to such services. I’m not claiming changes don’t happen; I just don’t notice them.

Please do not think I am questioning the orthodoxy of or otherwise judging such people. I have no right to do so. The best way to sum up what I think about this is as follows:

What happens after people leave the service? Do they grow in prayer and virtue? Does this growth survive the end of the emotional fix? If the answer is yes, then contemporary worship is doing a great thing. If not, then I question it.

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