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Eulogies Banned in Newark

  /   Thursday January 23, 2003  

The Archbishop of Newark, NJ banned eulogies from funerals in the church. Some may see this as a mean rule made for no apparent reason, but I find it to be a good idea. I have much pity for the person in this quote:

“I think its the stupidest thing I’ve heard of,” said Linda Boland-Abraham, who will be attending the funeral of her father, Edgar Boland of Rutherford, at St. Mary’s Church there on Friday. “It goes against everything the church should stand for,” she said, adding defiantly, “They’re going to have to stop us.”

One wonders exactly what Ms. Boland-Abraham thinks the Church should stand for. I think that this is nothing more than an emotional reaction in a time of grief. However, it may well be indicative of what a lot of other parishoners think when they read new rules like this.

At its heart, this law is simply ensuring that the funeral is Christ-centered instead of person-centered. Many liturgical abuses are abuses because they place undue focus on ourselves at a time when we should be worshiping the Lord. However, I do believe that catechesis is in order before such laws as these take effect. The problem with strange liturgical practices is that uncatechized people like them. They react strongly when the tide is turned back. Better education in liturgy is in order.

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