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  /   Thursday January 23, 2003  

I must admire those who braved the cold to march in Washington. I’m not much for this weather. It’s about 15 degrees in Memphis right now. That isn’t normal here.

In any event, here are some things I found while looking around St. Blog’s:

Here is a recap of Victor Lams’ posters mocking Planned Barrenhood.

If you go to this series of news briefs and look at the second article, you’ll see that Bishop William K. Weigand of Sacramento, inspired at least in part by the recent statement by the CDF, preached that Catholic politicians who are pro-abortion should not receive the Eucharist. He named the governor personally. I read an article from another source that said that a spokesperson was disappointed in the Bishop for “telling Catholics how to practice their faith.” I’m assuming I don’t need to comment on that one.

I picked up a link to this article as well. WARNING: This one is graphic.

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