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Teacher Fired for Publicly Supporting Abortion

  /   Thursday January 30, 2003  

I came across this article this morning that a teacher in a Catholic school was fired because she signed a public statement in favor of abortion. I’m glad to see at least one Catholic school that expects teachers to be . . . . well . . . Catholic, or at least pro-life. No one who is pro-abortion should hold any job, even a job that doesn’t involve decision-making or teaching, in the Catholic Church.

The sad part of it is how unrepentant she appears to be:

“I felt fairly humiliated and beside myself about it,” Curay-Cramer said.
“Nothing I did publicly ever had anything to do with the classroom. What
was more upsetting was that I realized I couldn’t go back to the

Ok, wait a minute! Ms. Curay-Cramer was a teacher of religion. She just took a public stand against the Church on a critical issue, and she says this didn’t have anything to do with the classroom. This lady is supposed to be teaching a way of life. How can she teach this way of life if she publicly opposes it?

Interestingly enough, an editorial written by someone who is obviously pro-abortion basically says that Ms. Curay-Cramer should have expected what she got. It said that she should have the “courage of her convictions.” While they are obviously wrong on abortion, at least they have the decency to expect people to stand on convictions and face the consequences.

Let’s pray for her soul that she will repent.

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