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Ex Corde . . . what?

  /   Sunday February 02, 2003  

Courtesy of Amy Welborn and JMT, one finds a link from the Cardinal Newman Society listing “Catholic” colleges and universities who have scheduled a performance of the “Vagina Monologues.”

These were shown in Memphis last summer. I remember driving a friend (who will be entering the seminary this fall) to the Cathedral to attend an ordination to the priesthood when we encountered a big billboard about this filthy show on Central Avenue. All he could say is that people have no taste. Fortunately, it was not our “Catholic” university that was presenting it.

Well, I guess the bright side is that, if you are looking for a Catholic school for yourself or your son or daughter, this sight provides a list of colleges to cross off your list. Too bad it endangers souls in the process. In fact, since the leadership of our Chuch isn’t likely to do anything, we’ll just have to make sure we don’t go there and support them.

When I see such outrageous garbage going on in our Catholic schools, several thoughts come to mind:

1. Since the likelihood of Ex Corde Ecclesiae being enforced at this present moment by our bishops is about the same as the likelihood of a salesman selling WorldComm stock, maybe a grassroots accrediting body needs to be formed. For example, Peter’s Net reviews web sites. I don’t agree with all of their reviews, but at least they are trying to help separate the wheat from the chaff. An independent group, faithful to the Magisterium, could come and see what is being taught. Some of the investigation would have to be made unexpectedly so that the colleges could not fake it.

2. Those who promote such events, calling themselves “tolerant” and “with it,” sure don’t want to be tolerant of those who disagree with them. Look at this piece of the article concerning Georgetown University:

In 2000, a campus newspaper censored a student’s regular column that was critical of the play and subsequently fired him for objecting. Robert Swope, then a Georgetown senior, dared to complain about the production’s sponsors, arguing that the event “exposes the [Georgetown] women’s center for what it really is: an indoctrination camp for lesbians and feminists”.

They censored and fired one who criticized them. Don’t ever let these liberals tell you how tolerant they are. Another college is suing people for using their alumni directory to solicit protests.

3. Why do people want to see this vulgar stuff, anyway? This is an obsession I will never really understand.

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